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In the ever changing world of education, videos seem to be used increasingly in our learning programmes to get students thinking, prompt discussion, and to just generally engage our amazing students. Luckily the team at Teachers Helping Teachers have set up this video page to make it a bit easier for our members to find appropriate engaging videos.

We would really appreciate your help though! All we need you to do is share the videos that you have used in the past with your students. Simply click the ‘Add Video’ button and paste the URL into the form and we’ll publish it so that others can cut their admin time and use it with their classes. There is an optional comment box where you can describe how you have used the video in your learning programme.

Rollerblading in Paris' busiest Underground Station

Quite a cool video for showing the kids what an underground train station looks like. It can also be used as a writing prompt.

The World is Big...Go Skate It! - Best of Red Bull Skateboarding in 2016

For all of the skateboarders in the class! Great backgrounds, you can always get the students to photograph the objects that they can possibly skate in their local environment.

Scooter Freestyle - World's Best Pro Scooter Riders!!!

A top video that shows fantastic perseverance!

Laso Schaller's Insane 59 Meter Cliff Jump!

Hook your students into measurement by getting them to compare Laso's 59 metre cliff jump to other common objects, e.g. an olympic sized swimming pool.

Ken Block Drifts London – EXTENDED Director's Cut | Top Gear | BBC

What London landmarks can your students spot in this exhilarating video.

Windsurfing Down a Snowy Mountain w/ Levi Siver | Stream Mountain

Fantastic video to show the class before/during a repurposing unit. How we can we take products and objects around the home and use them in different ways to have fun.

The Legendary Shots 10 (Amazing Basketball Shots)

Basketball trick shots are always a favourite. Amazing examples of creativity.

Extreme Dinghy Racing in Australia

Gets good in the second half of the video. Great way to teach kids about team work and using their initiative. For example the person at the front of the dinghy moves their weight to help steer the boat.

World Record Edition | Dude Perfect

Rafa Ortiz Rides Inflatable Pool Toy Off 70-Foot Waterfall!!

Good for a laugh. You can get the students to label Rafa Ortiz's protective clothing.

GoPro: Backflip Over 72ft Canyon - Kelly McGarry Red Bull Rampage 2013

Vocabulary: what is a canyon?

Glow In The Dark Edition | Dude Perfect

Visual effects - what items can we find around the school, in the home, and at the local shopping mall that glow in the dark.

Compressed Air Cannon in Super Slow Mo - The Slow Mo Guys

Quite amazing what malteisers can do.

Gibbon Taunts Tigers

Last Call Mr Paul

Red Bull Kluge

I used this video for a punctuation lesson. We paused it when the names of the athletes came up and wrote a sentence about them. They had to make sure they had capital letters and full stops. You can add in the use of commas, direct speech punctuation, etc.

Robbie Maddison - Pipe Dream

Innovation - Students note down the different parts that they can see on his motorbike compared to a standard motocross bike

Jaffa Race

Hip Hop - Lock N Lol Crew

London Underground Drone Flight

Hip Hop - The Royal Family

Surf Snowdonia


Gliding Spiders

Fire Fighting Planes

How technology is used to help people

Tom Thum Beatbox

Woolly Sheep

I used this as a prompt for a compare and contrast activity where we looked at sheep that are farmed vs sheep that are left in the wild.


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