Success Mountain


A poster for displaying aspirational achievement in student work and effort

Success Mountain is an A3 sized poster for displaying aspirational achievement in student work and effort. These can be laminated and displayed. They are great to reference students to. Student names can be added to the stage they have achieved.
Included are 4 mountains, each with a different set of indicators.
This resource is in pdf and Word formats, allowing for you to edit to suit your classroom culture and needs.
The text for each poster is;
Poster 1:
I do my work well and do it the best I can
I do my work well, but it isn’t the best that I can do
I do my work ok, but there is so much more that I can do better
I do my work, but not well
I hardly try at all
Poster 2:
I work until I am finished and then check to see if it is good
I work until I am finished
I start my work and do some or most of it
I start my work and do a little bit
I start my work and then I give up quickly
Poster 3:
I give my work the best effort
I give my work a great effort
I give my work a good effort
I give my work some effort
I give my work little or no effort
Poster 4:
Skilled Practitioner

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    I like the vision of the people who have created this website.  For years I have spent hours creating activities for a class to use…once.  Even though I get intrinsic satisfaction from creating what I want to achieve the task I had in mind, but for a few bucks I could have found the perfect activity online and freed myself from hours of procrastinating, planning and creating.

    Hopefully you may find something here that gives you your time back to you.

    My activities range across the curriculum and often are of a diagnostic or discussion generating nature, from which a teacher can then see the direction of the learning that needs to take place.  Also, you may find that some of my resources lend themselves to group work.  I am a strong advocate of students working and collaborating in small groups to understand and work through tasks.

    With any products you purchase of mine I welcome feedback.  I am endeavouring to improve the quality of what I can offer.