Simply go to the bottom of the home page and click on the ‘Sell Teaching Plans’ button. Register as an author, upload your plans, and start making money.

Note:  You will need to complete the account details including first and second name before you can upload content.

We have two payment options, a Paypal account, or for NZ sellers, you can simply register your bank account.  We pay you out manually once you make a payment request.  A minimum $25 is required before we can pay you out.  This allows us to operate without additional PayPal fees that add up on low value, high volume sales.

Simply go to the bottom of the home page and click on the ‘Get Teaching Help’ button. From there, search for the year and curriculum area that you are after on the left hand side. Add the plans that you are after to ‘Your Cart’ and pay by credit card or PayPal after you have finished browsing.

Did you know that there are over 40 000 teachers in New Zealand! This means that you can upload one plan and get paid multiple times for it. For example, if you sell one plan 1000 times, you will get paid $5100 for it (excl. PayPal fees which are charged per transaction) if you register as a premium user. And thats one plan, add 10 or 20 plans and you can see the potential for significant passive income.  

Our role is to reach your target market, and promote your plans.  We have a significant advertising budget and are committed to ensuring your quality plans get put in front of the right buyers so a good plan will be sold hundreds if not thousands of times, without you lifting a finger.

The better your plans, and your ratings, the more likely you are to make sales and gain completely passive income, well deserved for all the experience it takes to craft a quality plan!

There is an example of a US teacher grossing over $1 million per annum (that’s no typo!) selling teaching plans.  Needless to say, she has now become a full time author of teaching plans.

A market leading 15% on all plans uploaded before 1 October 2017.

Similar sites charge 40%

Plans uploaded after the promotional period will be subject to 40% commission, with a subscription option to obtain the 15% commission rate on plans uploaded post 1 October 2017 NZ time.  Please use the ‘contact us’ page to enquire about becoming a premium user.

We use a 5 star review system that encourages the buyers to rate the plan that they have bought from 1 – 5. As the website develops the reviews will increase and you will be able to get an accurate indication of whether the plan will meet your needs. 

We believe in 100% transparency, which works for both authors and buyers.  Teachers selling quality plans can build a reputation (associated with their username).

We also reserve the right to remove authors from the platform if poor quality plans, or otherwise inappropriate material is being uploaded, and refunds are available to buyers of inappropriate plans.


This is the reason why this website was built, to give teachers their time back to do what they are good at – teach.

Good authors, who want to build a good rating history, will produce plans that cover most of the onerous admin required in planning, allowing you to free up time to teach.


Please email us at teamnztp@gmail.com with your full name, your preferred username for the site, and attachments of your plans and we will do 90% of the work setting you up as an author (some things you need to do yourself for legal reasons).  From then on, passive income from every sale will go to you, and you can be rewarded for all of those past years of planning, while helping out others to benefit from your experience.


We pay to advertise this site and even specific plans under certain promotions.

A media marketing specialist in social media will ensure your plans get maximum exposure through such things as Facebook and Snapchat with high volume sales of your plans  being our main aim.

We aim to be the hub,  a first stop,  where teachers in need of a teaching help go. We are committed to getting the maximin exposure to your target market, and likewise, making sure those in need of teaching help know we are here to help.


We have listened to feedback and understand that not everyone has a PayPal account or wants to create one.  We handle the credit card payments through our PayPal account, but you can choose how you want to be paid.  For NZ’ers, a bank transfer is free, and so you may register your bank account with us and get paid that way instead of PayPal.  Overseas sellers may still want to use Paypal to ensure no bank fees are added if you register with your bank account.

As people buying will be using credit cards, and we are working hard so that you will be selling a high volume of plans, we have incorporated PayPal into the website to automate all payments into your user account balance. You can view your balance (in NZD) by going to your ‘Seller Dashboard’.

This allows you to receive credit card payments into your Teachers Helping Teachers (THT) account instantly, and automatically make your plans available to the purchaser as soon as the online transaction is complete.

Your THT account can literally tick over, increasing in balance while you sleep! Once a plan has been uploaded it can make you money indefinitely into the future, a perfect “set and forget” way of making a passive income.

In certain circumstances reviews may be placed that are not in good faith.

If this occurs please contact us at teamnztp@gmail.com and we will review the plan and the review and contact the buyer who left the review.  We have experienced New Zealand teachers on the team who can assess whether a plan is as described in the listing, and can make a call on whether the review is clearly made in bad faith.  In those circumstances, after we are convinced the review was left in bad faith, we can remove such reviews.


Our role is solely in helping you market your plans to reach the global marketplace.

You need to ensure your account details are completed.  This includes providing a first and second name. The system will not allow uploads until the required account details are filled in.


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